Tuesday, October 13, 2009

And so to begin...

I have been inspired! After recently becoming a follower of Meet me at Mikes blog I thought why not join the online world of fellow lovers of all things artsy/crafty. For too long I have existed in my small part of the planet pretty much alone in my love of the hand made and preloved. There really is nothing so satisfying as being able to see something in a shop or magazine and thinking, "I can make that"! Or equally thrilling is the ugly duckling find at the op shop or salvage yard that you just know has swan potential.And what about when you have a particular something in mind and you just cant find anything like it anywhere so...just make it!

For instance I have been looking for a necklace recently similar to one that was given as a present but in different colours, couldn't find one anywhere so off to the craft supply store and hey presto I now have the necklace I wanted plus the joy of creating. The red necklace on the left is the present the blue and silver one on the right I just finished making.

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