Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Cure for the Common Cold

So...for the past few days all I've done is coughed and sneezed and moped around cursing filthy viruses and the 34 degree days that preclude snuggling up in bed with cups of hot coco!

Then my latest edition of Computer Arts magazine turns up and as I turn the pages I escape into the wonderful world of the creative, ahhh! Then I come across this sweet little drawing by new Finnish graduate Jenni Saarenkyla called 'My cup of Tea' and look its 'one red fox', Yay!

find her here

Now its off to Uni for drawing class and handing in final assignments...hmmm, and just when the days have turned cool again and my bed is looking just so inviting.

1 comment:

Angela Stewart said...

aww, what a cute lil red fox it is too! I hope you feel better soon Kylie :-)