Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Let There Be Cardboard

Its that time of year again..yes, its school concert time! So how do I recreate an Ancient Egyptian temple, answer cardboard wahahaha! Sorry got carried away for a minute there.

I have spent the last week resourcing cardboard and thanks to the lovely Ellwaste people have now got enough boxes etc to recreate Alexandria to scale, well almost.

Today I painted, and drew Pharoah's, hieroglyphics, godesses and temple pillars and we are all set to recreate The Prince of Egypt.

Thought...what do I do with all the spare boxes in my back yard?

As can be seen fom the photo above box city has sprung up all over the lawn.

Never to mind, I am now No.1 mum to all neighbourhood children, give kids boxes and you won't see them for hours (who needs xbox), actually I might be pretty popular with parents too.

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