Saturday, October 17, 2009

On the Shelf

Personally I just love shelves. Its so comforting to see the things I love around me as they spark memories and stories. On this small section of shelf in my kitchen I have;

1. The wedding present (plate) one of my best friends Shell gave me, it's called 'A Circle of Strength'

This family is a circle of strength and love.

With every birth and every union the circle grows.

Every joy shared adds more love.

Every crisis faced together

makes the circle stronger.

The Knott Family Est 1996
2. A block of wood that kind of looks like its cross (I thought I might put some eyes on him)
3. A Bird that I made. Happened to see one similar in a window and thought I would have a go at making it, felted and dyed wool myself.
4. A wooden tree I carved and painted
5. A beautiful little wooden owl
6. Bird house, cheap and cheerful
7. My Kimono dolls made for a Uni project (pipecleaner,embroidery thread,wooden bead, felt and dyed fleece)
8. Postcards from the Steiner Store in Castlemaine


Pip Lincolne said...

Oh HELLO! I have never met you before! Thanks for playing and what a LOVELY shelf. Lots of important things and pretty things too! A cross with eyes? Cross eyed? Chat soon! x

Cloudbusting said...

gorgeous, I love your shelf. I especially love the carved wooden tree, lovely

Apryl said...

love the bird you made! lovely shelf.

Nettle & Brier said...

A beautiful shelf of intriguing little things. The circle of strength plate is such a precious gift to be given:)

Vic @ Punky and Me said...

Oh I luff your owl & birdhouse! It is so nice to surround ourselves with memories & precious things, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

lotsa lovely treats on your the birdie

Kylie said...

Lots of lovely wood + your bird is just fabulous! K

Pearlin J said...

lovely little knick knacks you have!LOVE !

Amanda said...

Lovely lovely shelf...I like the cozy feel...The bird is so sweet.

midge said...

a lovely shelf collection. the plate is especially lovely