Thursday, October 29, 2009

Order in the house!

Yay for the tip! Earlier this week I went on a treasure hunt and 'eureka' look at my score,an awesome shelf! Cost $4 plus brackets $16 = $20 (doing a little dance). This lovely shelf now sits above my computer thanks to my super husband and has created a little bit of order to my cluttered creative space, all hail to shelving.
As you can see all manner of things have found a home though it usually takes me a little while to get it just right.
Favourite thing at the moment is my $6 wire bird from 'Angelicas' here in Mildura and my 'tree' made by me, two things close to my heart. The other special something is my 'Rock-a-bye baby' a small sculpture I made for last years exhibition. It is made of beeswax and placed in a nest I found in one of my rose bushes(empty of course). I have since gotten rid of the brown ribbon I think it was a bit naff.
I am now going to have a go at Whats Hot and Whats Not (cue cheesy organ music).
The yummiest korma chicken curry that I made tonight, chock full of veggie and lentil goodness Yum! Kids thought it was OK too, bonus.
Camping, this loooong weekend, no TV, phones, shops, rush, ahhh!
Air conditioners, technically these are cool not hot but you know what I mean. 34 here today getting hotter on the weekend YUCK
Husbands that offer to do things like put up shelves even when they would rather be playing in the shed. Super hot!
Towels fluffed in the dryer...please don't shoot me, I know energy and all that, its just towels dried on the line could prove fatal as they rip the skin from your body, seriously!
Handmade with love. Yes.
The homicidal Australian sun, it wants to kill us all.
Summer, it sucks. Bring back winter! (Sob)
Washing dishes, clothes, floors...
Packing to go away, lists as long as your arm and you still forget something.
Not being able to start/finish projects that are floating around in your head shouting for attention.

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