Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Treasure hunting

I must have been a pirate in another life I'm sure for the lure of buried treasure is always calling! Two of my latest finds are this dear little cupboard that was on its way to the tip and though it is looking sad and sorry I intend to give it a new life. So far I have almost finished stripping off the old paint and I have begun to replace some of the frame and the shelves. I have some ideas that will be added that I think will make it quite beautiful and original.

I don't consider myself a master restorer by a long shot and it takes me a while to finish a project but again its the love of the process that is so satisfying.

The other project (the cast iron garden benches, $5 each!!!!!) had already found their way to the dump shop but I arrived in time to scoop them up and off to their new life in front of my studio. I haven't had a chance to touch them yet but I will show their transformation as soon as I finish Uni for the year, fifteen days to go and counting.

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