Friday, November 20, 2009

Finished Projects

projects 003 projects 001

Project 1. Third Birthday for Annika…three year old sized tote bag to fit the essentials in like, teddies, books and pencils!

projects 007 projects 005

Project 2. Finished off Dexter the Dragon (looking slightly piggy never mind)

This project was started by my daughter, she crocheted the body and head shapes and I added the detail. Clever girl, I just love that even though she is almost 12!!! she still feels comfortable with dreamy little girl things, no need to grow up too quickly!

projects 009 projects 010

What a character, a typical shot of my son with

Project 3. Leopold the Small but Mighty, better known to my son as John (this is what he chooses to call him, love it). I will keep practicing my crochet skills I am not very good at following patterns so I tend to just make it up, but I will keep trying.

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Hsu-Yin said...

i love your recent 'amigurumi'-like crochet animals. . .they are very sweet and especially this lion! also love the name john, it is such a lion's name no?