Monday, November 23, 2009

Fleece Angels…My First Tutorial

Well OK I am going to have a go at a tutorial…hmmm!

These little fleece angels are quite rustic and individually unique no two are going to be the same. When I ran a Steiner Playgroup when my children were little we made these for their Christmas presents along with crochet stars to hang on the Christmas tree, but I think these would look beautiful hanging in a row from a branch in the window with fairy lights too.

tutorial fleece angel 055 First of all you will need to gather your bits and pieces.You will need;

  1. Wool Fleece, any colour you wish. The one I’m using was purchased from Margaret Peel’s Fibre Supplies and is called Rich Classic. Fleece can also be purchased at Spotlight.
  2. Embroidery thread aprox. 40cm
  3. Scissors
  4. Needle with large enough eye to thread floss

fleece angel tutorial-2 copy

  1. Tease out the fleece till its roughly even
  2. Gently tug at the fleece,do not cut. The fibres will begin to pull apart. You will need a piece about 25-30cm long
  3. You will need 3 pieces, one for the body, one for the wings (about 15cm) and one for the arms about (10cm)
  4. Take the body piece and make a knot for the head about 3/4 of the way along. Knots do not need to be tight just enough to indicate a head.
  5. Make a knot at each end of the arm piece
  6. Place the Angel on its front place the arms just under the head knot
  7. Place the wings on top of the arms
  8. fleece angel tutorial-2 Bring the top of the knot down over the top of the arms and wings
  9. This is what it will look like from the front
  10. While face down take your embroidery floss and secure the top knot down around the waist. cross the floss and bring up over the shoulders, turn angel over
  11. Face up cross the floss over the chest and wrap around the waist bringing the ends around to the back again
  12. Thread ends of floss through needle then pass needle up through centre of angel and out the top of the head
  13. Knot end of floss to make hanger

tutorial fleece angel 072

I hope all instructions are clear, it’s a fun activity for children as well!

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Hsu-Yin said...

i love them - i think i am on the brink of embarking into some fleece play and this may have pushed me over the edge. thanks for the tutorial. . .