Monday, November 23, 2009


I guess you could say I have come by my creative ways honestly as there is a strong vein of creative energy that runs through my bloodlines. I have grown up listening to the stories of the women in my family and their creative endeavours, there is Great Great Grandma Louise who built her own summer house/pergola out of rustic timbers and of her daughter Myrtle my Great Grandma who made all of her daughter Lois’ ballet costumes and who was always crocheting or knitting. I remember visiting her when I was about five and she made me a tutu out of plastic bags. She is now 103 and up until quite recently would still be found crocheting doilies.

Unfortunately we think we are loosing her, she has outlived her seven children and my mum is currently flying out to be with her tonight. I am so grateful I have had the privilege of knowing her personally for such along time and have heard the stories of our family and I consider my love of all things handmade a precious gift from her.

I personally think the beauty of the handmade and especially gifts is in all the time spent making the gift. All the time spent thinking about the person who will receive it has to transfer something of the energy and love to the one who receives it.

My very best friend who is more a sister than a friend ( we have known each other since we were 9), has her birthday today and I have made her this ‘Phoebe Bag’ designed by Rebeka Lambert over at artsy-crafty babe.

tutorial fleece angel 028 tutorial fleece angel 029

There are soon to be more little babies arriving in our friendship circle so here’s an idea for a simple mobile. Felt fish all in a row! I have made them before with additional dolphins and starfish and they also look good as single fishy’s hanging from a rustic branch.

Just draw a fish/star/whatever shape, cut two from felt, decorate with fancy stitching or sequins then blanket stitch them together leaving a gap, stuff with a little bit of filling (I use wool stuffing) and there you have it!

tutorial fleece angel 047

Fish mobile

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