Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I Love Book's

Books, book’s, book’s...
I can remember as a little girl of three and four my mum would buy me a golden book a week at the supermarket. (Actually it was more like the corner store really, bit before supermarkets were around, in the days of having your groceries taken to the car by a grocery boy *sigh*).
As such I have always loved books and wish I had a lot more money to spend on them, so while the Aussie dollar is matching pace with the American, buying books is so much cheaper and thus I have recently purchased two and they have just arrived!!!!!
These delightful treasures are both Craft books, ‘Handmade Home, Simple ways to re-purpose old materials into new family treasures’ by Amanda Blake Soule and ‘Printing by Hand’ by Lena Corwin. At this time of year I cannot indulge in a long term book journey, (that will be the treat during holidays) so books that I can pick up, take a quick soul fix with, and then get on with things are just the ticket.
Oh what joy, what anticipation! They are currently sitting on the end of my kitchen table quietly waiting and when my family are all safely tucked up in bed I will sit in my favourite chair with a cool drink and slowly turn their delectable pages. Soon oh precious portals, soon....

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