Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Magical Christmas Gifts

Just received this email from one of my favourite shops with all the lovely gift goodies. Also, a few ideas for projects with the kids, enjoy!


Dragonfly Toys - Keeping the Magic of Childhood Alive
Somehow a year has passed and it is again time for me to be preparing for another busy Christmas season at Dragonfly.
I have some great new items available in the shop and online, and plenty of old favourites back in stock too.
As always there are some fun craft activities for you to try at home with your children - both crafts can be done before Christmas to be used as gifts or decorations, or save them for the holidays when you have plenty of time and need for all day craft activities that will hardly cost a cent.
I am currently unpacking some great new products that I am very excited about.. so I will try and send another update as soon as I have added them to the site..

Warm wishes,  Linda
Jamtown has arrived..

jamtown junior percussion kitJAMTOWN fair trade world music instruments bring fun of hands-on music to children and music lovers of all ages.
Pictured right is The Jamtown Junior Percussion Pack which contains 3 instruments that are perfect for small hands - Junior Coconut Claves, Junior Shaker and Junior Double Drum.  Combined with an Activity Guide, Learn-Along Songs CD, Simple Rhythm™ Cards and Travel Bag, this kit should have your kids jamming in no time...
I have been admiring these fantastic kits from afar for some time, and I finally unpacked my first shipment last week. Pre-Christmas stock is very limited, so if you are interested, please place an order soon or you may miss out.

   Eco Christmas Cards

Earth Greetingsearth greetings christmas cardsSpread Christmas cheer with these bold, folk influenced designs from Earth Greetings. Printed carbon neutral in Australia, using vegetable ink on 100% post-consumer recycled paper, Christmas cards don't get much greener than this...
Each pack of 10 Christmas Cards contains 2 each of 5 great designs and each one  Plants A Tree through a donation to Trees For Life. Equally gorgeous Christmas wrapping paper and cute little gift tags are also available.

Felt Fruit and Veg...

These beautiful felt fruits and vegetables are safe and natural - made from 100% pure wool. They have been hand made with care, using fair labour and fair trade in Nepal.

They are just beautiful and would be perfect for playing shops, cooking and other much loved role plays. My favourites are the banana, which actually comes out of the skin, and the little peas in the pod, and of course, the delicious sandwich...

Felt Fruit and Veg


  Summer Crafts at Home
As always, thanks to my friend Tracie for these great summer crafts...

Crafting in summer means some outside fun. If you live near the ocean this will involve some trips to the beach, lots of sand castles and dipping little toes in the water. Away from the beach the calming and absorbing effects of water set the scene for the hot and dry months of the Australian summer. Bring that play inside when you need to escape the heat and incorporate it in your crafting.

      Sand Art

Collect a bucket of sand. Make sure the sand is dry before you start the dying process. Mix some food colouring in with a couple of scoops of the sand and mix until the sand is evenly coloured. Children love to help with this step but be careful with the food colouring; it lasts on the hands quite some time. Less than half a jar of food colouring is needed to get a lovely bright effect. Leave to dry in the sun. I also put the sand on trays in the oven to completely dry the sand out.

Once dry lay out the coloured sand in trays and using a funnel (or a piece of cardboard made into a funnel) pour spoons of sand into small glass jars. Make sure the sand is filled right up to the top so that if the jar is tipped the layers will stay in the same pattern.

Salt Dough Beads

I love salt dough, how easy it is for little hands to manipulate. It turns into an all day craft, making the dough, forming the shapes, baking and waiting for them to cool and then painting.

I like the simplicity of making beads and making the holes (quietly making them a little bigger when backs are turned). For colourful Christmas decorations, paint the beads in your favourite Christmas colours and hang on your tree.
300g plain flour
300g salt
200ml lukewarm water
1 tablespoon vegetable oil

Dissolve the salt in the warm water.
Add the flour and vegetable oil. Mix until stiff then knead with your hands to form a firm dough. Tear off pieces to make the beads and, using a skewer, form a decent sized hole.
Bake at 100 degrees Celsius for one hour. When hard turn the oven off but leave inside to cool.

More Fabulous Felt..
Initially I was just going to buy some of the gorgeous felt food.. but the more I saw, the more I loved, and I have ended up with quite a collection of gorgeous handmade felt toys...
The felt crowns are a favourite at the shop.. they come in a variety of styles and colours and simply tie at the back - so they will fit anyone including my 1 year old, her two big brothers, or even their me! They are a great addition to any dress up collection, and at only $16.95, they also make an affordable gift for nieces, nephews and friends.

There are also the finger puppet collections - a boxed set of four beautiful puppets - choose from the Little Red Riding Hood, Pirates, King & Queen or Wizard & Witch.
For bright and long lasting decorations there are felt happy flags (pictured above), or flower garlands and bird chains.
The felt play mat with the little river flowing through the middle would also make a perfect setting for a farm or enchanted garden.

Holiday reading..
With Christmas and School holidays on the way I have plenty of great new books in stock - here are a few of my current favourites

Curious Fish


Other items now in stock & ready for Christmas shipping - Family Pastimes Co-operative Games, Seedling Creative Kits, Wooden Weaving Frames & Knitting Spools, Needle Felting Kits, Stockmar & Lyra Art Materials

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