Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mildura Bush Camp...fun with family

'Come on dad give me back the tyre'

After tipping over the canoe the girls finally get the hang of it. My Missy Moo in the front!

That's my boys watching the action from the bank.

This is the view at 6.30 from the front of my tent, how good is that?
We awoke to the sound of Kookaburras and the call of eagles that were nesting in trees on the opposite bank. We were visited by a Stumpy Tail lizard and narrowly missed a brown snake coming down to the water to drink.
Just a few snaps of my beautiful family as we have an absolute blast camping and spending time with friends.


jaboopee said...

looks like fun,your coming into sweltering heat there now and its really becoming winter and starting to freeze here....thanks for your comment on mine, are those curtains long since gone?? ....i love that design ..
your blog hq is great and i really love your bedside lamp...

Kylie said...

Im afraid the curtains were lost mid 1980 I think. Actually they were a pair of sheets, but my mum being inventive used them as curtains.
By the way I hope this is how you respond to comments...very new to blog world and still finding my way 'round.

Pip Lincolne said...

I know I am meant to be on the previous post, but I just wanted to say that your photos here are lovely and I had a little holiday just looking at them! What a lovely time you seem to have had! Yay! xx

Mel said...

Well I was having a holiday looking at your photos too UNTIL I read the bit about the brown snake! ACK! My worst worst WORST nightmare!

(Oh and you are so right about re your comments about summer on my blog! Still I am going to try seriously to 'embrace' it ... albeit at arms length and with a lot of deoderant)