Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Place and Yours...Blog HQ

Well here I am after four days of camping in between 38 and 40 degree heat, home sweet home!

I must admit I am very spoilt in that I have my own studio space in an old brick converted shed out the back. But when it comes to my computer life I have a very small spot just inside the back door next to the laundry and just off the kitchen (very handy for keeping the house running while working).
The desk was a donation from a friend who was moving and fits very nicely in the space. The fileing cabnet is secondhand from a store that supports community programs from its sales and even the computer itself is second hand.
I think you can just see behind the monitor a recent find of a picture frame that I am in the process of turning into my pin board.
Behind me is a cupboard salvaged from some unknown shed somewhere minus its doors but very handy for storage of sundry items such as knitting, sewing, felting, stationary, art/craft books and anything else my kids/husband decides to dump there. Needs some serious organizing...but not today, yawn!


The Back Shed said...

What a wonderful space to sit and Blog! Love the fact that everything is pre-loved very much like a lot of the bits and pieces I've picked up over the years.

Bek said...

That looks like a nice quiet place to blog! I have a frame I am wanting to turn into a pin board too. I think it has been on the to do list for about 4 years!!

clare said...

Great space to blog.....But I am sooo jealous of your converted brick shed.!.;)
I TOO have a frame waiting to be made into a pinboard!! Funny hey? It must be something us bloggers do.