Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Week of Hellos and Happy Things

Pip from over at Meet Me at Mikes is celebrating her 3rd blogging birthday with the above theme so get over there and wish her happiness!

It got me thinking about what makes me happy, and of course first on my list is my lovely husband and children but they aren’t really ‘things’, so if I was to pinpoint one thing in the world that really makes me happy it would have to be books! New books, old books, classics, contemporary and especially children’s illustrated picture books.

things that make me Happy

From left to right a few of my favourites

1. Binkle and Flip 2. Classics Bronte, Wilde and Dickens 3. Drac and the Gremlin 4. Kitten finds a home 5. Where Going on a Bear Hunt 6. Look Out Patrick! 7.Jacks Basket 8. Bambi,Black Beauty, Mary Poppins etc 9. The Search for Spring 10. The Knight who was afraid of the Dark 11. Whoever you are, Where ever you are.

There are so many more, I keep telling myself I’m buying them for the kids…liar, liar pants on fire!

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