Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What’s Hot What’s Not

Its Loobylu’s What’s Hot What’s Not too can play along!


Getting out of the house to visit friends, nice to look at other peoples mess and not my own.

Sumo Salad opened here in Mildura, very nice extra yummy salads and very cool nice people who run it. Went in there for lunch yesterday and saw the guy who runs the place sitting down to a quick bite to eat while chatting with customers and rocking a pram with twins in it!!! A multi-tasking man (the heavens open and heavenly music begins), I have witnessed a miracle.

A husband who cooks, every night, I love you, I love you, I do!!!

3575988081_b7a598eaacI have found water balloons at last. After walking all over town I finally found them, they will soon be an essential piece of one of my next projects paper Mache lanterns as seen here. My daughter is very excited about this one.

Op Shops are the hottest. Today I went into a store outside of town and picked up two very nice woollen blankets which have been washed ready for making into the insides of two quilts I am working on….are you ready for the price $2 each. OH YEAH!

Creative spaces like this one over at Jolly Allsorts sooo beautiful!6a00d8341c5c8953ef0112790d2d1f28a4-400wi


Mess…kid mess WHY!!!!!!! And then Miss Eleven has the nerve to say she loves going to Nanny’s because its so clean and tidy…WHAT DID YOU SAY????Have you seen your room lately, hmmm?

By the way what do you think of my new banner? How spunky is Mister Fox there, I'm slowly getting better at digital illustration must keep practicing.

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Anonymous said...

Multi tasking man? That is AMAZING!!!
and I really love the Fox...
Chele x