Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Zen of Crochet

I have tried meditation at different times and frankly I suck at it! But I do find that crochet is the next best thing for when I’m feeling stressed or uptight. Concentrating on one stitch at a time, makes it impossible to think too far ahead or to think of too many things at once.

At the moment I am working on a rug hence the slowly growing pile of granny squares and when that gets a bit monotonous I have been practicing my amigurumi skills. I have just made, for a friend who is crafty and New York obsessed, the little red apple pin cushion for her Christmas pressie, the green one is for me.

Miss Eleven saw me making them and was immediately enraptured and after a short demonstration is now happily making a pile of round balls that she intends to turn into a caterpillar! This morning at school drop off I had to prise the wool and hook from her fingers (she was almost out of wool anyway, that reminds me, time to visit Spotlight) and as we walked in she said with a sigh,” That is very relaxing mummy”. Yep, the Zen of crochet.

projects 003 projects 001 Beary Bear is about to start her journey, she is packed with her letter from The Toy Society and is ready to go and I have now chosen where to leave her. Tomorrow is the day, . Yay!

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