Sunday, December 27, 2009

Wii its Christmas

Its Christmas morning…waiting for everyone to wake up…hurry up!!!!!

 christmas 2009 006

Enter Mr. Sleepy and Mr Grumpy…

christmas 2009 007


christmas 2009 009

Now that’s the reaction you want to get, LOOOVE getting the right gift, it’s a Nintendo Wii! Love the bed hair *he he*

christmas 2009 010

Boxing Day…we are now all suffering Wii arm…ouch!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas to all

xmas card 2009 copy

Wishing one and all the merriest of Christmases, have a safe and peaceful time as you celebrate and relax, wherever you are.

Until the New Year…

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Why I Love Bendigo…or, the story of my life!

It’s so nice to be home although it’s kind of odd, but my life has really been a tale of two home cities as I grew up in both Bendigo and Mildura…actually I grew up all over the place! I was born in Townsville QLD, moved to Berri SA, then to Sydney NSW, then to Lake Cullulleraine VIC, then to Mildura VIC, my parents separated when I was eleven and my mum moved to Bendigo while my dad based himself in Mildura ( he travelled for work). So I can really say both places are my home town, then of course as an adult my travels have gone like this…I went to Uni in Sydney, moved back to Bendigo to have my first child, moved back to Mildura a couple of years later when my dad became ill with cancer, met a childhood friend then married him, had my second child (got home sick for mum) moved back to Bendigo had my third child then my husband wanted to go home so we are now living back in Mildura! Phew!

How did I get onto all that? I was thinking about the differences between Bendigo and Mildura they are very different really both have positive aspects but the things I especially love about Bendigo are…


This is Rosalind Park, so beautiful with its Victorian features and lovely big trees. Mildura is a inland desert so most trees, other than the ones right on the river, tend to be small and scrubby. I loved that when we lived here in Bendigo that I could walk down behind our house and almost immediately be in the bush.

bendigo2009 003


As a goldmining town Bendigo had a lot of money floating around during the gold rush days and therefore there are lots of beautiful buildings and houses. While we were here we owned a lovely old California Bungalow style home, blood, sweat and tears went into that house and we took it from a wreck to an almost completely renovated home (didn’t quite get to renovate the bathroom).

bendigo2009 009 bendigo2009 004

 bendigo2009 006


I just love this place, I come here every chance I get. The last time I was here was for the Archibald Prize exhibition.

bendigo2009 008bendigo2009 010


These shops sit opposite the gallery and one of my favourite cafe’s is here, El Beso!

bendigo2009 011 bendigo2009 012

The other things I love about Bendigo are The Woollen Mills outlet store, I have just re stocked my supplies of wool and stuffing, yay!

Being central! Getting out of town for the day is so easy, a short drive in any direction sees you in all sorts of places, Castlemaine, Maldon, Daylesford even Melbourne! Go for a short drive in Mildura and you end up in wheat farms, vineyards or the desert…

Oh! I almost forgot…The Star Cinema a cinema set up in the old Eaglehawk town hall, you can enjoy a glass of wine or a coffee while you relax on the couches and watch the latest art house films…bliss *sigh*

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Your Place and Mine…Just Five Minutes Peace!

Even though I am away in Bendigo at the moment I still need that place to escape to for just a bit of peace and quiet ( you try living with four computer game obsessed children all playing individual games with there own sound effects and score…ahhh).


So when I’m staying with my mum I escape to this beautiful deck where I can look out onto the garden,


listen to the birds


and the hum of bees,


read a book and sip a coffee…bliss.

Pilgrim made the theme for this week's My Place and Yours. She's the THEME QUEEN! She's got a really beautiful blog, too. Pilgrim's theme for the week is 'Just Five Minutes Peace!'. She says...

where do you retreat to for that sanity-regaining break? i am interested in what or where in your home your sanctuary is...

Want to play along just visit Meet Me at Mikes, yeah do it!

Till next week…

Wild Things

I am currently blogging remotely from my home town of Bendigo…that’s when I can get near the computer!

wild things 007

It’s closely guarded by my brother who as you can see literally eats/sleeps computers!


Sighted…wild children running amuck in suburban forest.

wild things 001

wild things 006

wild things 002

See the great white hunter in search of his prey…one giggling sister sprite speedily running through the fernery.

After a wild day we continued the theme with a trip to the cinema to see Where the Wild Things Are. I would have to say I found it quite melancholy and sad, not quite what I was expecting. It will take me a little while to process it I think.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Your Place and Mine…Wherever I Lay My Hat cont.

Yeah I know I’m kind of double dipping here but this thing about what makes home, home has really got me thinking.

I know that were focusing on an object here but the older I get the less important things or objects seem get so…


I was in the shower this morning (feeling rather ill) but this meme theme still kept running through my mind and I started thinking about the trip I will be going on tomorrow back to my Mums for Christmas. What am I immediately aware of when I go home? The smell of home!

Even my kids know that smell, I don’t know how many times I have unpacked something from my mums and the kids will say with a smile ‘That smells like Nanny’s’.
It’s the same with my own place, and I think that’s why I always travel with my own pillow, it just smells like home.

Every time I move house it always takes a while for it to feel like home and while having my things around me helps it’s always right once it looses the smell of whoever was there before, and I’m not talking about bad smells, just different one’s.

And how many times have you looked after a little one that won’t settle but then you wrap it in mummy’s dressing gown or something and it seems to calm. I actually think that’s why teddy’s and special blankets work they comfort us with the essential scent of home.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Birthday Story


Miss Eleven is now Miss Twelve! One more year of Primary school and one more year before she is a teen, how time flies.
We spent the day cooking up a storm for her birthday tea which included lasagne and a chocolate ripple cake with strawberries. Her two besties and her daddy went with her to the Aquacoaster and a lovely day was had by all.

When I was pregnant with her only wanting to eat apples and oranges.
Being told by the doctor during my pregnancy ultrasound that she was a boy! I was a little disappointed but was happily looking forward to meeting ‘Jacob’. My labour started slowly one day before my due date and progressed in text book style overnight. My cousin was my midwife and she kept an eye on me till it was time to go to hospital at about 11 in the morning, then it was straight into the shower and wasn’t long before I was pushing and I had delivered at 12.30 lunch time. The next thing I knew I heard my mum gasp and I immediately said ‘it’s a girl isn’t it’ and she said ‘yes, a little girl’ somehow I knew! She was all plump, pink and screaming her lungs out, absolutely beautiful! Well it was good-bye Jacob which was a little odd but Oh the joy of my little girl as we all sat in the bottom of the shower her daddy holding us both.
I also suffered with pica towards the end of my pregnancy and the smell of dirt made me want to eat it (not that I did) apparently its a magnesium(?) deficiency…odd.

She is a unique, wonderful little person who I adore and I wish her many blessings all year long.

Your Place and Mine…Wherever I Lay My Hat

This weeks Your Place and Mine theme is wherever I lay my hat and Myrtle and Eunice is our Theme Queen! Thank you Tania! Here's what she says, but pop over there to find out more!

This weeks theme has got me thinking again…what significant thing has followed me throughout my life? What says home to me? What would I take overseas or on a holiday that would no matter what? What do I consider to be the most important thing that I have in my possession that I couldn’t live without?

I started with some obvious things like my pillow,toothbrush, my first teddy bear then I thought of special books and photos etc but when it came down to the thing that is invaluable to me that goes with me everywhere it would have to be my imagination! Print

Imagination has seen me through the difficulties of my childhood, it has enabled me to see past what is to what could be, even in the most dire of situations.

Imagination has inspired me to pursue dreams. To take chances on both people and pathways that others might see as risky.

Imagination has enabled me to create a home even in run down dumps and to reuse things that others no longer saw any value in. To see the potential an ugly duckling can possess to become a beautiful swan when given some loving care.

Imagination allows me to still inhabit the world of children where everything is possible and the veil between the unseen and the seen is wafer thin. When a child says ‘Can I be a Ninja when I grow up?’ you can quite confidently say ‘Of course you can!’ And you can still feel that terror with a young one of what may be under the bed.

Imagination to me is what pulls all the strings of my life together and creates a balance. It reminds me of what I might miss if I am not aware of the magic that takes place before me everyday, it slows me down and sparks me up and colours my life.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Chasing my own tail!

The tree is up! The kids had a lovely time putting up the tree, I just left the room! The next day while they were at school I just had to rescue the poor thing, as my husband said ‘the only thing that should be that trussed up is the Christmas turkey’!


What a day…so far today I have done the groceries had a friend drop in with her two munchkins ( in other words have coffee and feed children), mow the lawn (first time in 4 years I finally gave in, I didn’t want to pay anyone to mow twice in the same fortnight thanks to the lovely rain), actually I’m still going with that one it might take me a while, collect school books for my son, have a meeting with the school principle (its OK were working on a project together…none of my children involved here), wrap Christmas pressie’s, and other boring mundane but necessary things which I can’t be bothered to mention.

In amongst all this I have decided to go through papers….


Yikes! I keep journals of things that interest me like newspaper articles, illustrations, craft, poems,design, etc Some of this stuff has been sitting in boxes for twenty years!!!!! My table is under there somewhere…


The Edgar meets Lola quilt is well under way I have finished Edgar and Lola is soon to be commenced. A very soothing project to work on in the evening.



Just fresh off the shelves this little book Felties is just grand. It was immediately snatched from my hands by Little Miss who has so far made the ‘Pensive Rabbit’ and ‘Panda’ you see here and is currently working on the ‘Little Lion’…go girl! Notice secret scissors have been found, NUTS!


Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Just something random that makes me happy and have a good laugh. Lauren Gregg I love this girls stuff!


lgtitle2 lauren gregg

Clap Paws

music video for the band The Buddy System

Just follow the link!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I found this little bird on flicker the other day (and I’m really sorry but I didn’t save the reference link for it) but it was so cute I couldn’t help but be inspired to design my own (see the one below) this was my first attempt but it needs some tweeking.
I have actually enlisted my husband and his scary bandsaw to cut out some wings for me out of thin ply wood and I think I will incorporate some twine and some tiny rusty bells I found the other day at my favourite store Angelicas (I’m going to do a feature on this store very soon). But as a beginning it will do for now and will find a nice spot on my Christmas tree.


Autumn to winter, winter to spring
Spring into summer, summer into autumn-
So rolls the changing year, and so we change;
Motion so swift, we know not that we move.
-Dinah Mulock Craik

And so here we are at the start of the official Christmas season. I don’t know about you but I’m tired both physically and emotionally. The frantic crowds down the street, the blaring advertising trying to steal your last dollar, the expectations from family, friends and from yourself. Yep I’m about done.

I find myself so easily thinking “I just want it to be over” but like the above quote says time moves so fast. Children grow so quick and loved ones pass on as surely as the sun rises and sets and I don’t want to miss out on the ‘now’ because I’m wishing for the future.

So…I will embrace the spirit of Christmas which is about generosity and giving, not commercial hype, but true giving from the heart. I will remember that less is more, simple is best and time spent with people is better than time rushing from here to there in a spending frenzy. OK, back on track now.

On a slightly different note I have completed another project. This one I made for myself as a practice run for the one I want to make for my Mum for her birthday in 6 days time.

Its a Japanese Knot bag and I have wanted to make one ever since I saw some at the Bendigo Art Gallery (they were very pretty made from vintage Kimono’s but I didn’t want to pay squillions



for one),so I did a quick sketch to get the idea of how they were made and there you have it.