Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Birthday Story


Miss Eleven is now Miss Twelve! One more year of Primary school and one more year before she is a teen, how time flies.
We spent the day cooking up a storm for her birthday tea which included lasagne and a chocolate ripple cake with strawberries. Her two besties and her daddy went with her to the Aquacoaster and a lovely day was had by all.

When I was pregnant with her only wanting to eat apples and oranges.
Being told by the doctor during my pregnancy ultrasound that she was a boy! I was a little disappointed but was happily looking forward to meeting ‘Jacob’. My labour started slowly one day before my due date and progressed in text book style overnight. My cousin was my midwife and she kept an eye on me till it was time to go to hospital at about 11 in the morning, then it was straight into the shower and wasn’t long before I was pushing and I had delivered at 12.30 lunch time. The next thing I knew I heard my mum gasp and I immediately said ‘it’s a girl isn’t it’ and she said ‘yes, a little girl’ somehow I knew! She was all plump, pink and screaming her lungs out, absolutely beautiful! Well it was good-bye Jacob which was a little odd but Oh the joy of my little girl as we all sat in the bottom of the shower her daddy holding us both.
I also suffered with pica towards the end of my pregnancy and the smell of dirt made me want to eat it (not that I did) apparently its a magnesium(?) deficiency…odd.

She is a unique, wonderful little person who I adore and I wish her many blessings all year long.

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