Thursday, December 3, 2009

Chasing my own tail!

The tree is up! The kids had a lovely time putting up the tree, I just left the room! The next day while they were at school I just had to rescue the poor thing, as my husband said ‘the only thing that should be that trussed up is the Christmas turkey’!


What a day…so far today I have done the groceries had a friend drop in with her two munchkins ( in other words have coffee and feed children), mow the lawn (first time in 4 years I finally gave in, I didn’t want to pay anyone to mow twice in the same fortnight thanks to the lovely rain), actually I’m still going with that one it might take me a while, collect school books for my son, have a meeting with the school principle (its OK were working on a project together…none of my children involved here), wrap Christmas pressie’s, and other boring mundane but necessary things which I can’t be bothered to mention.

In amongst all this I have decided to go through papers….


Yikes! I keep journals of things that interest me like newspaper articles, illustrations, craft, poems,design, etc Some of this stuff has been sitting in boxes for twenty years!!!!! My table is under there somewhere…


The Edgar meets Lola quilt is well under way I have finished Edgar and Lola is soon to be commenced. A very soothing project to work on in the evening.



Just fresh off the shelves this little book Felties is just grand. It was immediately snatched from my hands by Little Miss who has so far made the ‘Pensive Rabbit’ and ‘Panda’ you see here and is currently working on the ‘Little Lion’…go girl! Notice secret scissors have been found, NUTS!


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