Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Why I Love Bendigo…or, the story of my life!

It’s so nice to be home although it’s kind of odd, but my life has really been a tale of two home cities as I grew up in both Bendigo and Mildura…actually I grew up all over the place! I was born in Townsville QLD, moved to Berri SA, then to Sydney NSW, then to Lake Cullulleraine VIC, then to Mildura VIC, my parents separated when I was eleven and my mum moved to Bendigo while my dad based himself in Mildura ( he travelled for work). So I can really say both places are my home town, then of course as an adult my travels have gone like this…I went to Uni in Sydney, moved back to Bendigo to have my first child, moved back to Mildura a couple of years later when my dad became ill with cancer, met a childhood friend then married him, had my second child (got home sick for mum) moved back to Bendigo had my third child then my husband wanted to go home so we are now living back in Mildura! Phew!

How did I get onto all that? I was thinking about the differences between Bendigo and Mildura they are very different really both have positive aspects but the things I especially love about Bendigo are…


This is Rosalind Park, so beautiful with its Victorian features and lovely big trees. Mildura is a inland desert so most trees, other than the ones right on the river, tend to be small and scrubby. I loved that when we lived here in Bendigo that I could walk down behind our house and almost immediately be in the bush.

bendigo2009 003


As a goldmining town Bendigo had a lot of money floating around during the gold rush days and therefore there are lots of beautiful buildings and houses. While we were here we owned a lovely old California Bungalow style home, blood, sweat and tears went into that house and we took it from a wreck to an almost completely renovated home (didn’t quite get to renovate the bathroom).

bendigo2009 009 bendigo2009 004

 bendigo2009 006


I just love this place, I come here every chance I get. The last time I was here was for the Archibald Prize exhibition.

bendigo2009 008bendigo2009 010


These shops sit opposite the gallery and one of my favourite cafe’s is here, El Beso!

bendigo2009 011 bendigo2009 012

The other things I love about Bendigo are The Woollen Mills outlet store, I have just re stocked my supplies of wool and stuffing, yay!

Being central! Getting out of town for the day is so easy, a short drive in any direction sees you in all sorts of places, Castlemaine, Maldon, Daylesford even Melbourne! Go for a short drive in Mildura and you end up in wheat farms, vineyards or the desert…

Oh! I almost forgot…The Star Cinema a cinema set up in the old Eaglehawk town hall, you can enjoy a glass of wine or a coffee while you relax on the couches and watch the latest art house films…bliss *sigh*


lisa stubbs said...

I love this post, very interesting for someone who hasn't ever visited Australia like me! and I love all your photo's so sunny! Thank you for commenting on my blog, have a wonderful Christmas and a happy and healthy 2010! Lisax

Angela Stewart said...

Oh Kylie, you've just taken me through my two home towns too! Although Mildura was my childhood town and I was 25 when we moved to Bendigo, I really feel like I "grew up" in during the 5 years we lived in, became a proper grown up! Does that make sense? The challenges God put before me really showed me what I was capable of, and for that I am so grateful, and Bendigo will always hold a very special place in my heart for that reason!

Oh, and view street was my fav too, as we lived pretty much at the top I wandered along there most days!