Sunday, December 6, 2009

Your Place and Mine…Wherever I Lay My Hat

This weeks Your Place and Mine theme is wherever I lay my hat and Myrtle and Eunice is our Theme Queen! Thank you Tania! Here's what she says, but pop over there to find out more!

This weeks theme has got me thinking again…what significant thing has followed me throughout my life? What says home to me? What would I take overseas or on a holiday that would no matter what? What do I consider to be the most important thing that I have in my possession that I couldn’t live without?

I started with some obvious things like my pillow,toothbrush, my first teddy bear then I thought of special books and photos etc but when it came down to the thing that is invaluable to me that goes with me everywhere it would have to be my imagination! Print

Imagination has seen me through the difficulties of my childhood, it has enabled me to see past what is to what could be, even in the most dire of situations.

Imagination has inspired me to pursue dreams. To take chances on both people and pathways that others might see as risky.

Imagination has enabled me to create a home even in run down dumps and to reuse things that others no longer saw any value in. To see the potential an ugly duckling can possess to become a beautiful swan when given some loving care.

Imagination allows me to still inhabit the world of children where everything is possible and the veil between the unseen and the seen is wafer thin. When a child says ‘Can I be a Ninja when I grow up?’ you can quite confidently say ‘Of course you can!’ And you can still feel that terror with a young one of what may be under the bed.

Imagination to me is what pulls all the strings of my life together and creates a balance. It reminds me of what I might miss if I am not aware of the magic that takes place before me everyday, it slows me down and sparks me up and colours my life.

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Redness said...

Oh beautiful post! Magical ;)