Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Your Place and Mine…Wherever I Lay My Hat cont.

Yeah I know I’m kind of double dipping here but this thing about what makes home, home has really got me thinking.

I know that were focusing on an object here but the older I get the less important things or objects seem get so…


I was in the shower this morning (feeling rather ill) but this meme theme still kept running through my mind and I started thinking about the trip I will be going on tomorrow back to my Mums for Christmas. What am I immediately aware of when I go home? The smell of home!

Even my kids know that smell, I don’t know how many times I have unpacked something from my mums and the kids will say with a smile ‘That smells like Nanny’s’.
It’s the same with my own place, and I think that’s why I always travel with my own pillow, it just smells like home.

Every time I move house it always takes a while for it to feel like home and while having my things around me helps it’s always right once it looses the smell of whoever was there before, and I’m not talking about bad smells, just different one’s.

And how many times have you looked after a little one that won’t settle but then you wrap it in mummy’s dressing gown or something and it seems to calm. I actually think that’s why teddy’s and special blankets work they comfort us with the essential scent of home.


Tania said...

You know what? You are so, so right! Of course it's the smell. How did I miss that? And whenever I return to Australia from overseas, it's always the bright sunlight that hits me between the eyeballs and I know I'm home. Blinded, but home.

Pip Lincolne said...

Oh I love it when you are away for a few days and you return to the light and space and SMELL of home! I know exactly what you mean. It's such a comfort. xx