Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year

I know its kind of cliché but I just cant help at this time of year both looking back and looking forward.

Looking Back
Like much of life there have been both highs and lows and the inevitable changes that shapes our lives. Looking back I can recall…

Turning thirty, starting to question everything.

The birth of my third child…what a ride it has been, he is both my angel and my ticket to insanity, a full on wild child and I love him to savannah and lachisleepy babies 001
The opportunity of being involved in and leading a Steiner playgroup an absolutely awesome experience and a chance to meet amazing parents who were on a similar parenting journey.  steiner playgroup savannah steinerWhile also learning a great deal of crafting skills.

Renovating a house…never again!condonst renocondon st reno

Becoming aware of environmental issues and working towards living sustainably and consciously.

The passing of friends and family, I miss you all!

Taking the step to finally follow a dream, returning to University and pursing Graphic Design and Illustration.

can I have your attention please copyBeing chosen as a notable entry for the  DG Design competition.

artwork 005   Exhibiting my work and selling it, unbelievable!

Watching as children have grown…

savannahand me 5th bday  The fairy princessapex park 150 Amazing and inspiring creative person always ready for fun.

micah savannahs 5th bdayWarrior super heroNorman and Micah 2008 051 copy Emotionally supportive and mature young man, I’m so proud!

Returning to work after many years full time parenting, both challenging, scary and invigorating.

Starting a blog…who would of thought it was such a lot of fun?

Looking Forward
Looking forward is not quite as easy, it can be both exciting and daunting making decisions for the future directions you might take. Traditionally this is the time to make resolutions but this year I have decided to form a plan in the shape of some goals I would like to achieve.  

1. I plan to put together a portfolio of Illustrations by June of this year that I will then submit to a publishing house. At the moment I have no idea how to do this but my first step towards this goal will obviously be researching how to do this. (This is scary but I need to convert my dreams into a reality, nothing ventured catch a starour home 003 nothing gained) 

2.On a personal level, I will be having surgery this year to correct some health issues so I am going to prepare myself both physically and emotionally to achieve an optimum outcome. Most importantly I need to let go of having to do and be everything to everyone.
This means not being afraid to say ‘NO’, or ‘HELP’!

Even though I am still the same person I was last year full of foibles and quirks a fresh year stands before me full of both promise and potential. This year I am looking forward to becoming more myself with every day and sharing the ups and downs with those who choose to join me on the ride. Happy New Year!


lisa stubbs said...

Happy new year! hope it's happy and healthy and as fab as last year for you!

Anonymous said...

A notable entry for the DG Design competition and exhibiting work and selling it...Go Kylie! Thats fantastic!!
Happy bike riding too!
Chele x