Monday, February 1, 2010

A Family Quilt

Recently friends of ours celebrated 50 years of marriage, an amazing achievement I am sure all would agree. These two lovely people have been the surrogate parents of my husband for many years now when his own parents basically abandoned him when he was quite young. So you could say we love them to bits!

So, Mum and Dad Fields are quite the crafting team, they work together creating unique and sometimes quite cheeky quilts. Dad does the beautiful machine embroided panels and Mum patchworks them into quilts. They have started selling them at the local markets so I went over the other day to photographically document their work and sometime in the future create some web pages for them.

Just a very small sample!

IMG_2445 IMG_2446IMG_2471IMG_2470

IMG_2535IMG_2443 IMG_2440 copy IMG_2512


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palex said...

Magnificent quilts - what a talent to have !!! - Olwen