Saturday, January 23, 2010

Granny Squares - Progress

I am gradually untangling the spaghetti mess that was my dyed wool and as you can see the results are kind of pretty.


I have decided that I am going to do two rugs with my pretty wool, this one I will just use the rainbow wool with a cream boarder…


This one is all over the place but is tied together with a black boarder. Actually now that I look at it I have been quite prolific this week, on a crochet roll, alright!


To be totally truthful I think I’m suffering post holiday blues and have been trying to find my ‘Zen’ place via repetitious crochet exercises. 
On another note as I did so well last year my Uni has offered me an opportunity to apply for an overseas study scholarship (places like London, Tokyo, USA, Sweden, Milan) WOW (a moment of wild excitement and exultation). Then, in the same moment I realise there is no way this can happen with a family *SIGH* (days of mournful sadness and depression). When hinting at the possibility my husband replies “Why would I want to go overseas for?’ AHHHHH!

But it’s OK or it will be…where’s my crochet hook?

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