Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wee Folk

I just love to make toys. It was great when my children were small because I had the perfect excuse to spend time making cool toys (not to mention being able to legitimately go to all the kids movies) and then watch them play with them.

One of my favourite toys to make is small dolls that could be used in the doll house that I made for my daughters third birthday. Initially I started just buying the premade bodies from Bunnings and then sew my own clothes for them then I had a go at making a simple doll from a big wooden bead and a thick piece of dowel as you can see below.(She’s the biggest doll)

wee folk 009 

Then one day I came across this amazing book.

wee folk book

These little dolls are so simple to make and inexpensive.

wee folk 010

As you can see from the pages below all you need is a pipe cleaner, some embroidery floss (or you could use wool if you want a thicker body), a bead for the head, wool fleece for the hair, and felt for making clothes. I also collected some acorn caps for hats but you could also use gum nuts.

Also you will need some craft glue to attach the head to the body and the hair and acorn cap to the head.

wee folk 012

On another note 

We are great fans of Invader Zim at our house and have been watching quite a few episodes recently being holidays and all.


So inspired Lachlan had a creative burst and made himself Invader Zim’s robot side kick Gir.

What a terrific effort he looks gorgeous don’t you think?

wee folk 004

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