Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Encouragement, Sweet like Honeycomb

I read this story today…

One day a principal called in three teachers and said, 'You three are the finest in the system, so we're giving you 90 high-IQ students to see what you can do with them.' At the end of the year the students achieved an amazing 30% more than the other students in the school. The principal called the three teachers in and said, 'I've a confession to make. You didn't have the most promising students: they were run-of-the-mill. We picked them at random.' The teachers naturally decided that their exceptional teaching skills must have been the reason for the students' fantastic results. 'I've another confession,' said the principal. 'You're not the finest teachers in the system; your names were the first three drawn out of the hat.' So why did those students and teachers perform at such a level? Because they were encouraged to believe they could!



I was having a conversation with my daughter the night before school went back (much sobbing and mournful wails were in full flight) and I said to her how important it is to “Think about, what you think about”. I explained to her how our thoughts can very much affect our feelings and if we keep thinking negatively our feelings will follow!  I then proceeded to tell her how well I believed she was ‘going to do this year, that she was going to have a wonderful year, she was going to be really happy and love her teacher’, and it was amazing within a couple of minutes she had calmed down and was almost asleep. The next morning she was even excited about going to school and if you knew my daughter this is a miracle! The power of words is phenomenal, especially the ones we tell ourselves!

Just wanted to say thank-you to those peeps out there who have offered encouraging words it really means a lot!

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