Friday, February 19, 2010

I have spots…

In the interest of keeping it real I thought I would share the not so pretty, stylized view of my life….eeek!
I’m not sure about you but I seem to break out in spots occasionally like a pimply teenager. They tend to be areas of my house that have children in them or corners or shelves that seem to attract, like lint, the odds and sods of things that seem to have no home.

So,in the immortal words of Lady Macbeth ‘Out out dam spot’!


This would be my childrens ‘spot’ ONE DAY after spending all morning cleaning it!!!!!!!!

Out damn spot

The spot by the back door


The spot in the hallway.


The spot in the kitchen.

I am setting myself a smallish ,Ok get real here, largish task of dealing with the ‘spot’ problem and may even follow up with some after shots. Don’t hold your breath though I’m like a salmon swimming upstream with the current of my family flowing against me…NEVER RETREAT OR SURRENDER, TALLYHO!


Cath @ chunkychooky said...

go fourth brave soldier and de- spot!

Krista said...

Ha! I can soooo relate to your SPOTS! I think mine have merged into one humongous spot. I think I should do something about it, then I pet the cat, and the dog, and get back to painting!

Lauren said...

I'm REALLY relating to this too! GOOD LUCK!!!

Angela Stewart said...

God bless you for keeping it real, Kylie...I wish I was as brave! My worst habit is bundling paperwork and assorted junk into plastic bags and shoving them in a SPOT...and then forgetting all about them. Not good. Just this past week though I have had a skip in the backyard to purge all my spots...I'm feeling so much lighter now!