Monday, February 15, 2010

Illustration Friday - Adrift

This weeks Illustration Friday theme is ‘Adrift’.
I have chosen the story of Moses set adrift on the Nile to escape the infanticide of Pharaoh.

adrift copy

A mothers love
Deep as the sea,
Sets me adrift
My life to save.
Among tall grass
Rocked to and fro,
Safe from mans harm
Dark days escape.


Kristen C said...

Love your idea for this word. nice work.

Susan said...

Kylie, what a wonderful idea - this is so beautifully rendered and sweet! BTW, I still can't believe you do all the stuff you do!

Krista said...

Beautiful! Lovely painting and poem-- so full of heart!

Ravenastoria said...

this is really beautiful! i like your blog name! :) i love foxes.

INDIGENE said...

Beautiful image and the blog banner is gorgeous!