Sunday, February 28, 2010

Illustration Friday - Perspective


This weeks illustration topic brought to mind two aspects of Australian life that I have tried to represent. One being our dismal failure towards our native people and the universal experience of tragedy.

A year ago this month Australia was hit by the worst bushfire season on record.  Homes, livestock and people were lost on a day that is now known as Black Saturday. This tragedy is a grim reminder that one and all,  no matter our race, religion or politics we suffer loss and sorrow. Events like this one tend to put the small annoyances of life into perspective.

Secondly, an older tragedy that affects our country is the terrible destruction that has been inflicted on our Aboriginal people. Wether through ignorance or hate the long reaching results of the injustices that have occurred continue to resonate throughout our society.

This quote from Desmond Tutu

“If I demean you, I demean myself”

When we let hate rule us and our actions then we destroy ourselves in the process in fact I think the damage is greater to the one who is hating than to the one who is the object of our hate.

“As I begin to see from your perspective, I see we are the same”

This is when true reconciliation begins, and from the ashes we can rebuild.


INDIGENE said...

Beautiful perspectives! An incredible post and the artwork is amazing. I wonder if Australia way of treating their indigenous people is like America's treatment of their native people and people of color! This type of discriminatory belief system is what will destroy a nation, sooner or later. It is wonderful that you are sharing your journey!

cally jane studio said...

Really thoughtful! Great work...i love your red fox too :)

Susan said...

Kylie, what a beautiful illustration to go with your thoughts from the heart. I love the women's intense looks and the wonderful background. While reading your post the same exact thoughts that Indigene brought up went through my mind. It's always turned my stomach how people persecute their own kind because of differences in color, race, religion, or culture. Thanks for touching on this. I also love your thoughts on tragedy putting things into perspective, I hadn't heard about the brushfires, but unfortunately, now we have some more recent reminders of Haiti and Chile too.

Thanks so much for stopping by and your nice comments! I'm glad you're getting some relief from the heat, I hate it when it gets much above 80 in the summer. Have a great week!