Friday, February 19, 2010


I have an ongoing conversation with my mum about simplicity, It’s something we are both striving for in our lives. Mum has decided that she wants to cut back, live with less and keep things to the bare minimum, as such she has been doing a lot of cleaning out and giving away and I applaud her for it. I have moments  where I would like to do the same and I start to go through my possessions and cull out things that are unnecessary or superfluous….hmmm.

Hmmm means, I CANT DO IT!!!! I have had a couple of bags of things to give to the salvos in the back of my car for a good six months and today I gave in and brought them back inside. Here’s what I almost gave away…welcome back!



It all comes from reading my new book ‘etcetera’ which talks about being the ‘curator of your own life’. I guess I’m not ready to go minimalist yet my ‘stuff’ is the evidence of the past lives I have led over the years, they are touch stones of memory. I just have to face it I’m a hoarder/bowerbird/collector and that's who I am, and you know what?  That’s OK.

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