Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What to do?

This little cupboard has been sitting neglected a while now. I promised myself I would finish fixing it over my holidays which are now rapidly finishing, so….

ballerat 105

TA DA, it has begun. I bought a can of water based enamel from the mistint section of Bunnings a week ago and have started to give it a coat of paint. Then I’m going to very pleasantly snuggle my husband and ask him if he could cut the back and shelves for it. These I am going to cover with some material which I haven’t bought yet and then….


…I am going to attach these beautiful wrought iron panels to the doors and add some tear drop handles.  This will then be my bedside table and hold my scarf collection, YAY!


I will photograph the finished project soon. So exciting.


Has anybody any idea what these are?

These were given to me the year before last as a Christmas present they really are beautiful and I thought I might use them for pot plants however they have no drainage and are quite shallow. They are cast iron and extremely heavy and have been sitting at my back door collecting spider webs. Has anybody got any suggestions how I could use them?


tutorial fleece angel 004 tutorial fleece angel 003


Hsu-Yin said...

I think that cupboard is going to look beautiful when finished! can't wait to see the end result. . .

Carla said...

Those fab pots could house a succulent or a moss collection. There are some amazingly gorgeous moss selections that would look stunning with all that texture on the pots. Not all plants need drainage, just don't overwater. You can also put smaller pots (with holes)in those pots and surround with moss or bark or even stone.