Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Your Place and Mine - A Revelation

I was going to play Punky and Me’s meme this week but it was about my kitchen, you know, what’s your favourite thing. Well, I couldn’t do it because really there is nothing I particularly like about my kitchen! (I have since decided to play anyway maybe I’ll get some inspiration)

It actually came as a surprise, because we were the ones who put the dang thing in. Analysing it I initially thought that it’s probably that I don’t like cooking (I know, don’t gasp. I’m actually a good cook too but I don’t like it!), and that it always needs cleaning and the bench tops are a pain to keep looking good etc etc. But now that I think about it I think what bugs me about it is that it is new! There are no odd bits or strange arrangements or interesting features it’s kind of bland. So I am setting myself yet another project to spice it up a bit. No more meat and potatoes I want curry!

I’m thinking colour. I’m thinking a butchers rack with interesting hooks and chunky brackets. I’m thinking interesting rustic shelves. Yep I’m thinking!

So in the process of thinking I went shopping….op shopping.



These chairs I found at our local rubbish tip recovery yard, ugly I know but I have a plan so stay tuned.  Next I found this home made shelf of some kind which is a bit dodgy but I also have a plan, I promise I’ll share soon. Oh and behind the shelf thingy is a clothes horse I found at the op shop, my old one died last winter so this is very handy, all this for next to nix.


I’m actually starting to feel excited about my kitchen now.


Jackie said...

I hope you show us before and after pics. All your enthusiasm makes me feel like getting out a tin of paint or something!!!!

Barrie and Moana said...

If you need a pot rack theres a few in a merbein second hand shop, a wood and metal grid hanging one for $25 and an all wood one for about $90