Saturday, February 6, 2010

Your Place and Mine – What’s in Your Bag

I haven’t played the Your Place and Mine meme for a while then I spotted this weeks theme…Oh dear!  OK it’s confession time, my name is Kylie and I have a bag problem!IMG_2574

Really it’s not a case of what’s in the bag but more what’s not in the bag. I have bags for everything and I am always on the look out for a new bag or one to make. It’s kind of like a quest for the perfect bag, one that I can find things easily in, is roomy enough for all the ‘essentials’ and that sits comfortably on the shoulder, then of course in has to look good and go with whatever mood I’m in, I’m not asking much…really!

Under the essentials heading comes;
lip gloss
my little pharmacy bag (panadol,bandaids etc)
and then all the incredibly odd things that kids ask you to hold like pine cones, various drawings and crafts, snotty hankies, armless action figures, half eaten food…you know just the messy stuff of life.


The Back Shed said...

Your not the only one! I have bags everywhere but I think I have found the perfect bag or near enough. Big enough to hold everything but not too big. Good luck on your quest.

Vic said...

Oh, all your bags are just ace! I especially love the khaki one on the end with the floral... did you make that?

Thanks for playing along Kylie!

crzylady said...

lovely! My bags are all hidden in drawers :) When they escape it all gets very confusing.

Mandy said...

I have a bunch but don't use them all at once. Your collection is great!

Sophie Isobel Designs said...

Wow check out all your fab bags! I too am a bag lover! Loving your little granny squares too, they are coming along so well!
Sophie x

melissa said...

I don't think there is ever the perfect bag... if there was then there would be no excuse for buying more. And that would be sad!

I love that khaki bag as well. xx

Kylie @ alittlereddress said...

From one Kylie to another, maybe it has something to do with the name? My Mum calls me a 'bag lady', which I think is a bit unfortunate, but it amuses her... I have lots and lots of bags, I can't seem to throw any of them away and am always lusting after more... I even like to make them. I like your bag hooks btw, are they permanently screwed in to your wall or are the 3M type ones?

Pam said...

A very good essentials list Kylie.
Know where you're coming from with the quest for the perfect bag though. I'm still searching. They're always too big, too small, too heavy or just don't have enough "spaces" to tuck everything into. One day............sigh