Sunday, March 21, 2010

Five Fave’s

1. This store and these to die for bias bindings and the fact that they come on these dear wooden bobbins.

poppy_daisy_bobbin bobbins_mixed_singles

2. Boys who hang out washing (no matter how clumsily)!


3. Etsy Fave I’m all for SLOW, and bags!


4. Little Birds found in Canberra.


5. This is my mystery tin. It turned up in my backyard when I was away, turns out my grandma gave it to us as it was full of birdseed and we have birds. It made me come over all nostalgic. Remember when the you could take the wrapper off the Sunshine milk tins and there would be something like this underneath? Wish we still did nifti stuff like this with our packaging, don’t you?



Drewzel said...

Oooh I love your favourites, especially 1 and 5. And anyone other than me hanging out the washing is divine!

TaraLee said...

I have two quilts that need some binding! Love the wood bobbins too! Neat. Also love your rescue illustration, the boy and nest. very sweet.