Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I don’t think I’m the jet setty, travelling type…nope!

This has been my week as of last Friday…I suffer for my art!

 Friday- Get on bus to Swanhill at 10.00am get off bus and board train to Bendigo at 12.20 arrive Bendigo 3.05pm in torrential rain, and I mean it, flooding and everything oh my goodness!

Saturday - rest

Sunday- 9.00am drive to Melbourne airport arrive 11.00am board flight to Canberra 12.00 arrive 1.00pm check into the canberra 2010 006

lovely Novatel (these are views from our fourth floor rooms) then take a look around the city…I hate to admit it but I’m not too keen on Canberra it’s a little lacking in something that’s hard to put my finger on. It’s very concrety and blockey. Went to the movies and saw ‘Men Who Stare at Goats’, soooo funny!canberra 2010 009canberra 2010 008canberra 2010 007

Monday- Its the big day!!!!! I ‘m going to see all those wonderful works of art at the NGA.

First some breakfast at this cafe downtown…

canberra 2010 001 

We arrive at the gallery 10.30. you have got to be kidding me check out these photo’s…

canberra 2010 004

this is the end of the line to get into the gallery which you can’t even see from here. We are actually standing next to a separate gallery called the National Portrait Gallery….

canberra 2010 005 

…this is another shot of the line looking back towards the portrait gallery you can’t see the end from here…

canberra 2010 002

…This is about half way down the line looking back towards the NGA which you still can’t see, and when you actually manage to get inside the building you still have at least another 100 meters to go. So how long? 3 hours wait!!!!

canberra 2010 003  

We heard from one of the gallery staff that the line reduced in the afternoon so we took off to have a look at the rest of the other works in the gallery and the Portrait Gallery. This was a very good move. We got to see an amazing collection of works including works by Monet, Van Gough, Picasso, Man Ray, Duchamp, Rothko(my favourite artist), Hester(also my favourite artist), Dali. Oh! I didn’t know where to look first, it was like Christmas and I hadn’t even got to the Paris Masterpieces yet! 
Well we decided by about 1.30pm to give the line a go again and by that time it had dwindled to only 50 meters outside the door so it took us roughly an hour to get into the exhibition. PEOPLE ARE SO RUDE!!! So many people in there and everyone trying to push in front AHHHH! Take a breath, calm down, relax, OK.
It was amazing and I am so glad I have seen those beautiful works in the flesh but I was so over people by the end of the day. I think I was most surprised by the works by Seurat, the Pointillist works just  sung, the colours were amazing so vibrant, print just doesn't do justice to them. Unfortunately they were enjoyed so much better from a distance but then everyone was in the way. I also just loved the Van Gough work ,the line, the thickness of the paint, the colour*sigh*. SO MAKE A NOTE… IF YOU GO, GO AROUND THREE  PM THE LINE IS NON EXISTANT, AND THE CROWDS HAVE DWINDLED. IN THIS CASE THE EARLY BIRD GETS SORE FEET!

Tuesday- Check out of Novatel, wonder around the Canberra shopping centre getting pressies for small children then catch flights at 3.00pm back to Melbourne then drive to Bendigo and home by 6.00pm. I am soooo tired.

Wednesday- Reverse order of Friday…home at last. No, I just don’t think I’m a race around the world, travel bug, kind of gal. Where’s my bed?

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