Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My creative Space - Autumn and life is good

I found these sweet felted creatures on flickr the other day here.
I just thought how very fitting for this time of year. Autumn would have to be my favourite time of year here in Australia the days are still warm without the danger of being fried and the mornings and nights have that pleasant chill. Cups of hot choccy before bed and snuggling under the covers…ahhh!

The only thing I wish we had more of here is the whole autumn leave colour, fall thing sooo pretty.


Going by this photo I thought I would have a go at producing my own squirrel…HA…I guess I am too influenced by our native creatures cause he turned into a kangaroo. It’s funny when I draw trees from my own imagination, rather than looking at one, they always seem to be gum trees too. Aussie to the bone,oi oi oi!


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Photos Not Forgotten said...

What a sweet kangaroo!