Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Creative Space - Grapho stuff

So now for a preview of my other life, I guess you could say this is what’s happening in my creative space at the moment.

First up we have a concept design for a t-shirt. The aim is to get a message across without words. The concept here came to me today when I witnessed a obviously harassed mum verbally abusing her young children down the street. It made my heart ache especially for the little guy who was trying so hard to help. I know parenting can be so hard at times but the thought that sprang to my mind was “Weapons of Mass Destruction” our words can be so destructive!

So this is entitled Words of Mass Destruction our words can be like bombs into the lives of others.



Next we have my entry into the DG Design Competition.

A digitally collaged piece  that includes some scans of exquisite origami paper and a  geisha drawn by me in Photoshop, all created with the OZ Graphix magazine in mind.


Now I have to come up with packaging, labels, advertising and brochures for a commemorative wine bottle assignment *sigh*

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