Wednesday, March 24, 2010

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Sorting through my wool collection this morning I found amongst the lost projects pile these half finished knitted slippers. I thought to myself, I no longer have anyone small enough in my house to fit these particular little slippers but I will finish them off anyway and give them away (maybe with some other fun, secret stuff too!), so keep an eye out here and I will post when I have finished them and am ready for my give away.


In the mean time I thought I would share the pattern with you as they are super easy (they would have to be for me to bother) and can be made to fit all members of the family just in time for cosy couch time this winter.  If you are new to knitting this is a great pattern for learning the basics and there are plenty of tutorials on You Tube if you need a hand. If you have a go let me know, I would love to see how they look.

Knitted Slippers
(unfortunately I don’t know who made up this pattern but it was given out freely at our Steiner Playgroup many moons ago)

You will need

50g 8ply knitting wool
4mm needles
Soft Leather 15x15 (Optional)

This pattern fits 1-3 year olds. For older children, vary the ply and needles, or add more stitches as appropriate. For babies, use 4ply wool and 3mm needles.

Cast on 56 st and knit 26 rows in plain knitting
Cast off 12 st at the beginning of the next 2 rows (32st)
Knit 22 rows
Next row: K2 st together and repeat right across the row (16st)
Next row: Purl
Next row K2 st together and repeat right across the row (8st)
Next row purl

Break off thread leaving about 15cm, and thread through large needle. Slip through the 8 stitches and remove work from needle. Secure thread then sew up to ankle using a flat seam (a-b). Sew the back seam (c-d). Fold down top.

(Optional)Cut 2 soles from your child’s foot. Stitch the sole to bottom of slipper with strong thread.

See? Super easy! Go on,give it a go!



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TaraLee said...

I did that same pattern for my daughter a few years ago. With our wood floors she slipped around crazy like so I sewed on some leather on bottom, and some little pink flowers. Hope you finish them while its cool out.