Wednesday, March 10, 2010

…then fourteen years later…

This is my guy, (looking very serious) and today is our fourteenth wedding anniversary!
I have known him since I was 12 although we were just good mates and hung out in a group of friends doing neat stuff like camping, roller skating, video watching and generally have good clean fun. Then of course we all move away and have different lives, make mistakes, grow up and get a little battered and bruised and work out what we don’t want in life. Then the road kind of takes a turn and here you are seeing a familiar face again and yet for the first time with new eyes.
He’s my best friend, a terrific daddy and all round nice guy. He makes me laugh and he cooks up a storm in the kitchen what more could you ask for really? Oh, and he loves me and I love him!

My Guy copy

Here’s a funny anniversary story…our very good friends Michelle and Andrew, married for twenty years, decided two years to go to America for a holiday and needed to get their passports so they sent away the application forms and very quickly found out that they were in fact NOT MARRIED!!!  Despite having TWO pastors officiate their wedding twenty years ago nobody had actually registered their marriage! So now they have only officially been married for two years, what a hoot.

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Angela Stewart said...

Wow, it's been 14 years since your wedding?? Gosh, in some ways it seems so much longer, lol (no doubt due to all the kids we've had in the meantime).
This is a gorgeous photo of guys are so blessed to have each other :D Congratulations on your anniversary! xo