Monday, March 15, 2010


Why is it that when you are most busy you get sick?????

After returning from my Canberra trip it was back into the Uni assignments which are all due this week,plus we had an extra project given to us Friday in which our third year class has been split up and each of us have been given two second years and three first years students so we can come up with a name, logo, slogan and all the other stuff like posters, brochures, website etc for a design conference that is being launched by our Uni at the end of the year,it’s like a competition, no pressure! On top of all this I have to write a proposal for work placement and then find someone to take me on for 5 days…..and then what happens? I get sick, Savannah gets sick and the dog needs to go to the vet which of course costs the national debt of a small third world country.
Humph! I’m sounding a bit whingy aren't I, sorry, Ok shaking it off now. Righto.

When I’m sick I like to look at beautiful things,eat vegemite toast and drink hot chochy while I snuggle my pillow, ahh pillow I love you.

Here is one of my favourite Illustrators Jeannie Harbour work something beautiful to look at, you can find more here How beautiful are these?  The colour and detail is amazing.

LittleMermaid_JeannieHarbour1932 3242634708_da54a9505d 3234168573_a56e5cd19b 3242634696_56330dd16b

Oh and another thing when I’m feeling all sooky and down it’s much better to get over myself and to think about others that are far worse of than me so I would like everyone to know that the Softies for Mirabel is happening again and below is an example of what some lovely person has come up with for this very worthy cause.
How cool are these guys they kind of remind me of what I look like after I’ve taken some pain medication, just a little starry eyed,he he he!

Bichanos/Cat by Reino Já Cheguei.

What do you do when you are sick? Do tell.

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