Thursday, April 15, 2010

Creative Space

*Sigh* only thing I’m creating at the moment is a big mess!

Up to earlobes in homework which is consisting of labels for Olive Oil, packaging, advert, DL brochure and Point of Sale device which all has to be printed photographed and completed by next Wednesday AHHHHHHHHHH!

I’m as far as the labels, packaging (mock up) and advert….*sob*

olive oil magazine advert

The poor box is looking a little sad, it will get printed properly at the printers soon this one is just a fill in and I’m having issues with my drop shadows they are being dumb! Now just the DL brochure and POS to go…zzzzz

But I am so looking forward to the next assignment it’s a packaging competition where we get to design a package from scratch plus graphics etc (mine is for cakes or biscuits, specifically I have chosen to do petit fours) and I have the best idea, so excitment!!!!!


Debbie Clandening said...

This packaging is great.Good lick with your petit fours

Kylie @ alittlereddress said...

Very sweet! I love your snugglepot & cuddlepie inspiration. May I ask you what uni you're studying at? I've been working as a graphic designer for around nine years, but have no paper qualifications. Lately, I've been feeling the lack and have been looking around at different courses to see if I can remedy the situation. Just wondered how you found yourself at school now?