Tuesday, April 6, 2010

An Eggsellent Easter

Well how was every ones Easter? Lovely I hope. We spent  a wonderful week-end with friends and family and of course there was plenty of nice food and yummy chocolate. We also took the kids to see the new movie ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ while the older boys went to see ‘Clash of the Titans’ everyone happy!

And in the still of the night Easter Bunny (AKA mummy)spread the chocolatey joy all over the house and left literary presents for anti-tooth decay reasons. Magic tricks for one small boy, mysteries with Nancy Drew for one slightly taller girl and for the biggest boy a sequel to the ‘Youngest Templar’. LOVE BOOKS!



Meanwhile mummy got crafty and made bunny egg cosies to go with the new egg cups! Kinda cute don’t you think? Super easy too.

IMG_2801   IMG_2800

I’m about half way through another granny rug all in shades of grey, that’s been fun to do while watching Midsomer Murders on the ABC late at night. How was your holiday, did you get up to anything crafty?

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