Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Food for the Soul

When I need a soul fix here in Mildura there is one shop that is sure to supply all my needs, Angelicas!
Not just a beautiful shop but run by the beautiful Bronwyn a talented and generous lady who has the special ability to recall the last conversation you had with her even months later and she always seems to find the time for a chat. I think this really indicates genuine interest in people as people not just as a potential sale.


The one thing I know about this shop is that there is always something worth looking at for inspiration and I love that Bronwyn’s philosophy is not to mark up her merchandise so far that it’s impossible to afford.

IMG_2832 copy

While there are upper end items,  when there are weeks when money is tight I know that if a gift is needed  there will always be a little something that won’t break the bank but will be so unique and special, and regardless of how much you spend Bronwyn always takes the time to beautifully gift wrap your purchase.


Walking into Angelica’s is a sensory experience, you are greeted by the sounds of  bird song or ambient music and the smell of Bronwyn’s handmade melts is just delicious. Whenever I step through the doors the first thing I do is just sigh as I feel a peace descending that goes all the way down to my toes.


If your ever in the area I suggest you make your way to this little shop it truly is a joy.

It can be found at;
51 B Deakin Avenue
ANZ Walk Way
Mildura Victoria 3500
Ph: 03 50233359
Email: angelica20@bigpond.com

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palex said...

I love shops like this...imagine how great it is for the owners to go on buying trips!!! - Olwen