Thursday, April 22, 2010

From the sketch book

I have just spent an interesting hour looking back over my Visual diaries, they are full of the odd, the interesting, and the bizarre. While looking at them I noticed that there is a lot of doodles, concept sketching and general mark making happening that is quite interesting in it’s roughness so I thought I would digitally document some of it. Generally this stuff has been done during boring lectures and may have been influenced by Art History lessons on surrealism…I don’t think I’d want them analysed.


Love, love, love, pattern and colour gets me every time.


This one was done while at AGIdeas in 2009, he was a beautiful indigenous man who talked about his life as an artist and musician. Couldn’t help but draw him.

img075 img079 img081

Freud would have a field day with this one.

img082 img084 img085 img090 img091

    Ganesh (assignment)                 I have no idea, what the!!!!??

img092 img093 img094

I actually worked this up into a completed ink, pastel and charcoal drawing, this was the rough for it which I still love for it’s roughness (proportionally totally wrong). She was just so beautiful feeding her little babe.

img098 img099

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Sissy Sparrows said...

Thanks for sharing, I think it is always nice to reflect.