Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Illustration Friday – Dip (get it right)!

bunyip copy 

Every country has it’s myths and Australia is no different. It’s said that down in the Billabong lives the dread Bunyip but I kind of think with a name as cute as Bunyip they could possibly be a shy, gentle kind of creature who is just misunderstood!

Naughty Baby Bunyip has been caught moonlight dipping on his own…mum’s not happy! Maybe if he gives her a big smile she wont be so mad?


Krista said...

With a face like that, Mama won't be too mad, will she? So cute!

Shravani.Arts said...

very nice illustration!!

Susan said...

Hi Kylie! I've missed you, hope things are well. This little Bunyip is adorable, mom won't be mad for long! I love his little froggie pal too!

Hope you had a nice Easter, Susan

ps - I love your new header - I'm working on a new one for myself, a change is way overdue!

yardage girl said...

Very cute - love the eyes and the sheepish grin!

Debbie Clandening said...

What a wonderful illustration I love how you've done his eyes.