Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mirror Mirror…

Note to self…it is never a good idea to hold a 75 watt lamp up to your face OMG, weapons of mass destruction! I may never leave the house ever again. Every flaw highlighted in bold, not good for self esteem people.
Recently while promenading around the local shopping centre my friend and I ran into a group of mutual friends and during the conversation my friend mentioned how she was on to her 5th change of clothes. You know how it is some days nothing seems to look right. Anyhow I suggested that she do what I tend to do either not look in the mirror or kind of just glance as you walk past but not too closely.
Yep, that’s what I do, then I can just imagine in my own mind that I am the height of  awesome fashion wonderment, approximately 5 foot 8, size 10 with clear glowing skin, and able to produce witty and fascinating conversation at a moments notice…Yeah OK, I’m sad and delusional but hell in the immortal words of Adam Savage from Mythbusters
‘I reject your reality and substitute my own!’

I really need to take my own advice no more lamps!!!!!


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