Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ten Things


1. Since I was sixteen I have been fascinated by all things Chinese.

chinese vintage

2. When I was 20 I climbed a mountain in Fiji and became  very dehydrated but was helped by a local who climbed a coconut tree and gave me a green coconut to eat and drink, green coconut juice is fizzy!

king of china

3. I don’t like ice cream

chinese advert 

4. The first thing I can remember drawing was a cat  and also I can remember my dad teaching me to draw a boat when I was about four.

5.I used to own a 22 rifle (thanks to my dads heritage) and I have shot it but never at anything alive, I love animals.

6. I used to have some unusual pets when I was a kid including a Kangaroo (which we hand raised from a Joey then gave to a fauna park when she grew up), an Echidna which burrowed its way under the back fence and went back to the bush, various lizards, goats and even a scorpion. Then there are the usual domestics too numerous to mention.

vintage chinese poster 1

7. I still keep in touch with my first friend ever who lived opposite my Grandparents house and we sang at the Old Folks Home when we were about four except I got scared and ran away.

8. My besty when I was 10 is still my besty today and at my 12th birthday party we took off in our nighties wearing rollerskates  and mash hats to go spy on the cute guy around the corner…we were so in trouble.

vintage  poster

9. I met my husband when I was 11 (obviously didn’t know he was going to be my husband then, skinny little red head).

vintage chinese poster

10. When I was a student nurse and working in labour ward I delivered a still born baby, very sad and a bit of a surprise for me as nobody told me what was happening and she delivered when everyone else was out of the room and I was the only one there.


Pip Lincolne said...

Singing at the Oldies Home!
Skating in your nighties!
And that last one is so sad... how shocking for you.. Goodness.
Thank you for your ten.
I give you ten out of ten!

Angela Stewart said...

Wow Kylie, I can't get over that last one...what a heart-wrenching experience that must have been for you (as well as the mother, obviously). I don't understand how a student nurse could be left in that kind of situation! As for the rest of your list...I love it, thanks for sharing! xo