Sunday, May 30, 2010

IF - Slither


Yes that is this weeks theme word, what can I think of for this?
I've got it! Medusas slithering snakes.

Ooo I love Greek mythology in fact I took Ancient History in year 11 and we did Medea for year 12 English (many years ago).

Slither Medusa-1 copy

There are a few versions of the story of Medusa but essentially she was cursed for her beauty with snakes for hair and a look at her would turn you to stone.

As the story goes, Athena and Medusa were once equal beauties. Athena, the goddess of wisdom, was jealous of the idea that Medusa attracted the attention of both men and gods. Neptune was the god who fell in love with Medusa. When he found her alone in Athena's temple he raped her. When Athena found out that her temple had been violated, she was furious. Athena took out her anger on Medusa because she was not strong enough to fight against Neptune (Marks, 2006). Medusa, who was previously gorgeous, was changed into a hideous gorgon. Her locks of hair that had been envied by many were changed into slithering serpents. Medusa's soft skin became rough and scaly. She had once been treasured by men, and now no man could look at her or her ugliness would surely cast them to stone (Brunel, 1996). Medusa was then sentenced to become the "Mistress of the West Gate of Death" at the guard of the Underworld (1998).

by Samantha Terrazas


La viajera mas lenta. Madrid Paper Art said...

Fabulous Medusa!
Excellent illustration of these beautiful creatures with snakes for hair.
Thanks for the mythological stories, I've enjoyed it.

Roberto said...

I like this. beautiful the blue colour!!!!
good job.