Monday, May 17, 2010

Love is letting go

school xmas 2008 017



Where does the time go? I’m sure it was only yesterday that I was changing nappies, reading readers and teaching him how to ride bikes then you turn around and there they are driving cars and leaving home!

My eldest Micah has just applied to do his gap year in the army!!!!
I must admit it scares me but I appreciate that kids need to make their own decisions/mistakes/adventures and I’m so proud of this kid, he is just numero ono! He was initially going to go straight into the regular army(eeek) but I persuaded him to at least wait till he was 21 and he would go with my blessing, but we compromised on the gap plan which I’m happy with. At least he gets a taste without signing his life away just yet.

What I love about Micah is that he still thinks nothing of walking down the street with his great frame draped all over me (oof) and he likes to show me things he finds on the net, he tells me jokes and recites verbatim lines from his favourite shows, he helps his 90 year old grandma with her garden and painting her fence, he does the dishes even though he hates it, he puts up with his annoying younger brother and sister (hey, they annoy me sometimes!), he’s good company and when everything goes to hell he tells me to ‘sit down mum and I’ll make you a cuppa’, when I’m working at the computer he massages/strangles my shoulders, ouch, and he lets me know when my favourite show is about to start…look I could go on but you get the drift, I just plain love the kid.

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Isabelle said...

Hi Kylie, it is beautiful what you wrote on your son. It really made my morning reading you. I totally agree, love is letting go. My son is only 8 but I am learning that he is "his own person" and the best way to learn is with experiencing. Thanks for sharing this part of your life. Very inspirational. Just like your illustrations. From Isabelle, on the other side of the earth... Canada. :)